Wildlife Illustrators

Don't be surprised if you spot a wildlife illustrator in places where only animals roam. “Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh my!” The goal of the wildlife illustrator is to capture the disarming moment when a wild animal, or anything wild, shows itself.
The wildlife illustrator hopes to portray a wild animal or natural flora unaffected by human contact: birds that are preening or flying, a deer peeking out from a snowy meadow, the diversity and splendor of the natural world.
The paparazzi of the forest, mountain, and sea, the wildlife illustrator hunts for opportunities to see animals in their natural habitats and to draw and paint them from life, when possible.
Like any accomplished painter, they set to work to capture the essence of the animal or group in a refreshing and novel way.
Shy subjects who rarely pose, wild animal encounters are fleeting and elusive. It's the task of the wildlife illustrator to gather as much information as possible while on location to bring back to the studio.
The wildlife illustrator experiments with directional and rim lighting, composition, and painting techniques to achieve a polished look that authentically represents the beauty and majesty of the wild.
It's because of the wildlife illustrator we discover that even the simple fly has an array of iridescent colors on its translucent wings.