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Our animators create entrancing visual storytelling experiences that literally move you. From simple shapes to complex projects blending other media forms, our 2D and 3D animators bring imaginative concepts, characters, and worlds to life with cinematic effects. In this digital age, animated videos and moving imagery are in high demand from creative directors, marketers and advertisers. Our animation professionals have the creative and technical skills, as well as sophisticated animation design software, to assist clients with conceptualization, sketching, storyboarding, character design, animation and video editing. Animators create unforgettable narratives using photorealistic CGI, hand-drawn animation or stop-motion techniques.

What does an animator do?

If something moves and can be imagined, it’s within the realm of the animator or motion graphic artist! Our motion graphic artists and animation illustrators create imaginary worlds by animating something as simple as a shape or a line, or by bringing to life characters and complex narratives. Motion graphics can be combined with video footage, photography, and other kinds of media for a rich, engrossing visual experience.

Why hire animators?

Many marketers and advertisers choose to work with professional animation artists to enhance their messaging with exciting motion graphics. Video and motion graphics help people engage with content in more dynamic and memorable ways. Animators produce motion graphics for commercials, computer games, music videos. Animators also create short films for animation studios, production companies, and computer game companies.

How do animators work?

Animators may work in-house for a company or as a freelance animator for hire. Animators typically work in a three-stage process (pre-production, production, and post-production) to create an animated sequence. Their tasks and techniques are varied: creating storyboards that depict the narrative; designing characters and sets; choosing color palettes; sketching in 2D to develop concepts; creating models with materials like clay, plaster, and paint; syncing the timing of a sequence of images with audio/music; building the visuals frame-by-frame; adding in voice-over tracks according to the script; editing using technical software packages; liaising with the project team and client from concept to final deliverable; collaborating with designers, photographers, copywriters, and marketing specialists; pitching and securing funding; inking, coloring, and clean ups; enhancing animation with special effects in post-production. Once your animated content is ready, our animators send you a downloadable folder with all your optimized files for different formats.

2D animators

Two-dimensional animation is like illustration on paper, but more sophisticated. 2D animators design the backgrounds and characters, create the storyboard, sketch the scenes, implement the voice-overs, integrate visual effects, and layer all the elements to produce the final rendering.

3D animators

Three-dimensional animation is more dynamic than 2D animation, and it includes height, width, and depth. Marketers often rely on 3D animators to create more engaging characters, settings, and lighting effects. 3D animators must have a solid understanding of anatomy and gravity—how limbs move, the laws of physics, the effect of weight or acceleration, the look of realistic skin, etc.

Cartoon animators

Cartoon animation artists specialize in drawing and animating specific characters and animating their facial expressions and movements, often making them look and act human.

What to look for in an animator for hire?

An animator or motion graphic artist has a creative mindset and a keen eye for detail and strong technical, artistic, and creative storytelling skills. They also have strong time management skills, the flexibility to switch between simultaneous projects, and are able to produce deliverables on time. Animators have excellent communication skills to be able to liaise with production team members and clients at every stage of an animation project. Animation artists are able to think outside the box and visualize abstract concepts to bring your vision to life.

How to hire animators?

To hire one of the animators we represent at Anna Goodson Illustration agency, browse their portfolio and get in touch with us with your project proposal or brief.

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