Digital Illustrators

Masters of the keyboard, mouse, tablet and stylus, digital illustrators draw, paint, and create on computers. They’ve replaced their pens, brushes, paints and washes with electronic tools and computer programs.
Don’t think this gang isn’t sentimental. Their paints and brushes are still ready to go. They’ll swear to you they’re going to pick them up again sometime very soon. Of course, that’s while their art supplies collect dust in their studios.
The digital illustrator revels in the ability of computer programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop–when in the right hands–to draw and paint. They delight in split-second variations in color, texture, and pattern possible with the click of a mouse.
Digital illustrators love the power of Undo to reclaim an earlier version of their latest design. They are nuts about Layers and the Cloning Tool too.
If you want a digital illustrator to like you, never call their art computer-generated. They’re artists alright, they’ve just switched tools.
Masters at translating technique from paper to screen, they find joy in filters and custom brushes. Snap to grid isn’t just an option for them, it’s nirvana.
Try to understand the language of a digital illustrator and they’ll fall in love with you. Admire the skill and expertise they bring to illustration and they’ll never let you go.