Business Illustrators

With the demand for business illustration on the rise, illustrating concise business content to clients who may be suffering from information overload requires just the right mix of ingenuity and grit. Depicting less-than-sexy content to create visuals that excite a business audience while allowing quick comprehension of complex business data is a much-needed skill for the business illustrator.
When concepts are abstract, complex, or lackluster, the business illustrator provides seamless technique in a style that's eye-catching, even show-stopping. Whether vector art for organizational charts, spot or object illustration, or product illustration, business illustrators illuminate business data by telling the story of the workplace succinctly and with panache.
A simple bar chart, graph or statistical analysis can be colorful, edgy and easy-to-understand when a business illustrator thinks creatively. Illustrating data that can be understood at a glance means translating facts and figures in new and unexpected ways. The successful business illustrator knows that most people have a short attention span when presented with technical data.
To make information easy to assimilate, the business illustrator looks for the quickest, easiest and most effective methods for designing forward-thinking, jaw-dropping graphics that present principles of market share, profit and loss, and other statistical analysis relevant to a business environment. Through the use of color, pictographs, schematics and more, a business illustrator puts the graphic illustration of facts and figures front and center in the workplace.