Beauty Illustrators

A smoky black line around a perfectly-outlined eye, the subtle curve of a mouth, the soft contour of a cheekbone; the beauty illustrator possesses stylized drawing skills for rendering the human face and the products women, and men, use to groom and adorn themselves.
Usually drawn as a sketch, the beauty illustrator captures the essence of a pose or a product through the use of expressive line and layers of paint washes. Tonal drawings with hints or pops of color are a popular form of beauty illustration. Sometimes attention is paid to only one feature completed in greater detail than the rest of the illustration.
The successful beauty illustrator conveys the glamour and sometimes elusive nature of fashion and beauty. There is an urgency suggested by capturing the moment.
Whether a collection of makeup brushes, shades of lipstick, or a well made-up face, the beauty illustrator motivates a customer to find out more about what's being represented.
To translate the spontaneity of marker and brush to a digital format, the beauty illustrator uses a stylus and tablet or brushes and opacities in Photoshop to draw and paint.
A skilled beauty illustrator not only sells a product but creates a feeling about that product. A lipstick is not just a lipstick, it will make you sexier, more fun, and lead to a more fulfilling life.
The skill of a beauty illustrator to sell is all about using beauty, style, and verve to draw out the unfulfilled desires of customers.