Technology Illustrators

If you want to see how something works, hire a technology illustrator. Usually designed for someone with limited knowledge of how technological devices function, technology illustrations delineate the workings of complex technology and machines accurately with the goal of raising interest and increasing understanding.
Technology illustrators draw using complex projections (oblique, axonometric, isometric, dimetric, and trimetric) and have mastered perspective drawing with one, two, or three vanishing points. The draftsmanship ability of the technical illustrator is unsurpassed. They are employed by engineering and industrial design firms, as textbook illustrators, for instruction manuals, and sales brochures.
By creating clear examples of complex design, a technology illustrator takes information derived from text or data and communicates complex design and function through drawings.
Many technology illustrators have a strong interest in engineering and product design.
Their illustrations could serve as research content, installation instructions, or diagrams for a service guide. Their renderings feature accurate dimensions and proportions, and provide an overall impression of what an object is or does.
Technology illustrators can be found ‘on location' at manufacturing or production sites, in the executive suite or in the field. The technology illustrator's tools of choice are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and CAD software.
If you need to understand the inner workings of that iRobot you just bought or simply want to uncover how a smart home device can toast your bread, a technology illustrator may be your next best friend.