Editorial Illustrators

Look for the editorial illustrator on the pages of the newspaper or in your favorite magazine. Their colorful, and often conceptual illustration, is what draws your eye to a feature or an article.
The editorial illustrator’s masterful, creative mind encapsulates the contents of a story and creates illustration that distills its meaning. Editorial illustrators often bring added interest and insight whether illustrating a story about the color of money here and around the world or a how-to on the smartest way to clean your room.
Working in any style, and illustrating any subject matter, they’re whizzes at getting to the point: artfully. Their simple line drawings, pen and brush, watercolor wash, or digitally-drawn images, jump off a page of grey text.
The successful editorial illustrator is a bit of a news junkie; keeping abreast of the latest social issues, news, and trends. Reading is what they do for fun and drawing is what they do for real.
The life of the editorial illustrator revolves around brain power: their own. Ideas are the grist for their mills and the libretto for their operas.
Between the letters, words, and paragraphs, a lively and insightful illustration makes us want to read further. We are intrigued by the depth of the editorial illustrator’s comprehension of a subject and are amused at their unconventional take on what we read.
Never question the determination of the editorial illustrator to create mind-blowing heart-stopping, jaw-dropping artwork for the news and features we read every day. They color, animate, and depict our world.