Logo Illustrators

At the forefront of brand identity, logo illustrators develop a visual mark or emblem for a brand. With an eye on simplicity, the logo illustrator's role is to create a memorable symbol for instant public recognition of a brand.
A logo identifies a company or product by the use of a mark. Think of a logo as an icon for what a company represents. Logo illustration also provides information about what that company offers in the marketplace and what makes it unique.
A simple visual mark or logo gives a first impression of a brand. A good logo is memorable: a graphic representation that becomes a distinctive symbol designed for ready recognition. Color, proportion, symmetry and use of typeface each hold meaning and can communicate an idea.
Because a logo is a company's primary mark, it needs to stand out as a unique symbol. Designing vector art and customized type that fits the image of a company is a special skill of the logo illustrator.
Some logos combine two images in one. Others rely upon custom type and color such as the iconic Coca Cola logo. Apple's logo highlights negative space in a recognizable object: an apple with a bite taken out. Some logos have a sense of motion.
The best logos stand the test of time and limit both graphic elements and colors.
A logo is not just a clever use of typeface. When using different fonts, logo illustrators select a font to convey meaning and emotion. Memorable logo illustrations have multiple meanings; some obvious, some hidden.