Conceptual Illustrators

Coming up with new ideas that translate into original, visual content is the work of the conceptual illustrator. You’d think they might have big heads because they think so much, but they’re too cool for that.
A conceptual illustrator can be an editorial or political illustrator but mostly they are as unique as their ideas.
Some like to brainstorm using words or lists before putting pen or brush to paper. Conceptual illustrators are the kings and queens of content. They take a theme and run with it. They configure objects to represent concepts.
You may find the conceptual illustrator drawing in any style or using any technique. Technique is always secondary to the idea.
‘Keeping it simple’ is their goal; getting the message across, their number one concern.
The fewer things to muddy the water, the better, they say. A cactus becomes a prickly silhouette of a man, a flower garden shaped like a heart is shown from an aerial perspective. Every shape, form and line is in service to an idea.
Ask any conceptual illustrator if they get the idea, and they’ll just laugh. Tell them you have an idea and they’ll think you’re one of them.
The life of the conceptual illustrator is filled with notebooks and sketchbooks. They are observers of life, purveyors of news, and some say, compulsive analysts of everything they see.
Never underestimate the mental powers of the conceptual illustrator to present the facts, from their unique and artful perspective. They shed light on all they see.